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Models UFC Coming Soon?

modelfightMarch 16, 2009 — Santa Monica, CA. A brawl and stampede broke out at auditions for America’s Next Top Model in New York City last weekend.  And while the incident has been labeled a tragedy, it has left some wanting to capitalize by creating an ultimate fighting league for models.

An MMA trainer who witnessed the melee said, “Think about the potential for Lingerie UFC, Hardcore Hottie Fighting, or even MMAM (Mixed Martial Arts Models). I saw the rage in those girls’ eyes.  If we can bottle it and take it to the ring, this could become the world’s most popular sport.”

A UFC promoter agrees and said, “We’ve got some really tough guys in our sport.  But girls, especially models, can be vicious.  They’ll pull hair, scratch, kick, and do anything to win a fight.”  He went on to say, “Who doesn’t want to see models, wearing almost nothing, brutally fighting it out to the finish?  This could grow into big events like Playboy Bunnies vs. Penthouse Pets, or Girls Gone Wild vs. Runway Models.”

Promoters are now scrambling to put together “Babe Bash,” a rumored pay-per-view event featuring America’s top models.  Not surprisingly, many beauties are interested and see a pay day and revenge on the horizon.  “This industry is full of stuck-up skanks that deserve an ass kicking,” said one model.  Another aspiring vixen said, “These skinny bitches ain’t got nothing on me.  I’ll fight any one of them, anytime, anywhere.”

Will we soon see gorgeous models in an octagon, going toe-to-toe?  The reporters here at Thank God For the Internet Blog will keep following this story and provide updates when news breaks.

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