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Barbie Goes Wild!

barbieJuly 22, 2009 — Santa Monica, CA. The once loveable children’s doll has fallen off the rails and is showing signs of very dangerous behavior.  Barbie’s new tramp stamp tattoo is the latest in a series of incidents that have her handlers, loved ones, and fans fearful for her life.

“All parents go through ups and downs with their kids,” said one of Barbie’s parents at Mattel, Inc. “But this is quite serious; her life is spiraling out of control. I’m afraid I’m going to get a call in the middle of the night saying she’s overdosed, trapped in a sex ring, or run off to Honduras with strangers.”

DrPhilSome experts say Barbie has been crying out for help for years. TV’s Dr. Phil said, “In order to help Barbie get better, we have to start at the root of the problem. Insecurity. Barbie’s constant image and lifestyle changes, from Corvettes to cowgirl to even running for President, clearly show she’s not confident in who she is.” He went on to say, “Unless she starts believing in herself, she’ll continue to act out, spiral down, and she may end up dead.”

DrDrewDr. Drew agrees and offered more thoughts. “She has to get rid of Ken, too. He’s not good for her. There are signs of extreme jealousy, psychological abuse, and controlling behavior – especially evident by her new ‘Ken’ tattoo.”  He continued by saying, “Someone has to get a handle on the situation or else addiction is surely next, if it’s not there already.”  Barbie’s dad concurs. “Ken is a disastrous force and I’ll deal with him; man to man.”

Barbie’s parents went on to say they’re planning an intervention, but until then it’s touch and go. “The first step is to find her. We don’t know where she is and she’s not answering her cell.” Authorities are aiding in the search by trying to triangulate her location using the GPS chip in her phone.  Reportedly, the crew at “CSI: Miami” are leading the effort, as Barbie is believed to be hiding out in South Beach.

The reporters here at Thank God For the Internet will continue monitoring this story and provide updates when news breaks.


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Top 10 Twitter Terrorists

twitter2April 21, 2009 — Santa Monica, CA. As frequent readers are aware, the reporters here at Thank God For the Internet have been investigating Twitter Terrorists for weeks.  There are countless evil doers out there who are ruining the social networking platform for others, and officials are desperate to stop them.

With cooperation from various agencies, including the CIA and FBI, we’re now able to reveal the list of the Top 10 Twitter Terrorists.  Authorities consider these people to be very dangerous and urge all Americans to be vigilant and use extreme caution when following them.

  1. Oprah Winfrey: Now that she’s joined Twitter, everyone else will.  When you get the “over capacity” message, you know who to blame.  The immediate results will be the over saturation and hype for Twitter.  That will soon be followed by a massive backlash, and an extreme decline in the number of users.  The beginning of the end has arrived; Oprah just killed Twitter.
  2. CNN & Ashton Kutcher: For starting that annoying “race to 1,000,000 followers.”  They should be kicked off the network for such abuse.
  3. Barack Obama: The reporters here love that the President (or his aides) are on Twitter, but they rarely Tweet.  The leader of the free world can NOT be a lame Tweeter, our image is on the line.  Either get with it or get off it.  (Editorial note to the President:  You said you were going to have a transparent administration.  You’ve yet to do that.  But that’s what Twitter can do for you.  Give us something … anything.  Even if it’s Tweets like, “Dear Osama, we’re sending an F-18 and some Seals over to your house tonight.  Good night, bitch.”)  If Obama plays his cards right, he could use Twitter to help win the war on terror.
  4. Brooke Burke: Everyone loves her, but she easily takes home the crown for “Biggest Twit on Tweeter.”  And while she has over 400,000 followers, she only follows 4.  It’s all about her and the painful details of her daily life.  If she keeps it up with Tweets like, “Just landed safely,” “Drinking my morning coffee,” “My hair dresser is coming over at 9 to cut my hair,” or “Just picked vegetables from my garden for the first time,” she will slide into the #3 slot.
  5. New York Times: For the relentless Tweeting of some incredibly boring stories.  They’ve posted over 30,000 updates in just 28 months.  (Editorial note to the NYT:  No wonder you’re facing such difficult times and a dip in subscribers, you’re spending all goddamn day Tweeting instead of writing the paper).
  6. John Mayer: For breaking up with Jen.
  7. Al Gore: While he has a half million followers, he only follows 7 and has only posted 24 updates in five months.  This is a very poor showing for the guy who said he invented the Internet.  We expected more and it’s obvious that Al Gore has reverted back to being very boring.
  8. Tony Robbins: We admire his efforts, they’re noble.  However, his constant self-help missives are guilty of making losers feel much better about themselves.  And no one likes a loser with an ego.  Thanks, Tony, you’re empowering an army of people who don’t deserve it.
  9. Dr. Drew: He’s single-handedly guilty of being so smart that it’s making everyone else look like an idiot.  Through his brilliance, he’s demoralizing the country, which in turn is causing people to flock to guys like Tony Robbins to get their mojo back.  This cycle may never end unless he stops.
  10. The Heidi Montag Followers: For reasons only the best of psychiatrists can explain, there are 250,000 people following Heidi, despite the fact she’s only posted two Tweets.  The first was a smiley face, the second said, “I Love Jesus.”  We implore these people to start following Dr. Drew so they can get some much needed help.

The reporters at Thank God For the Internet, along with officials, urge you to send suggestions of other Twitter Terrorists that should be added to the list.  And while they weren’t aware they were contributors in this column, we thank the good folks at TwitterHolic for the tireless research they do.  Their work came in very handy as we compiled the list of the Top 10 Twitter Terrorists.  Good night and may God bless America.

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