Super Stupid Pool 2010

February 7, 2010 – Santa Monica, CA.  The reporters here at Thank God For the Internet have been spending months overseas conducting a covert investigation, but we’ve returned to our homeland and the daily reporting in this space will resume again soon.

Now that we’re back, our first order of business is to urge all Americans to do their part today and watch the Super Bowl.  And in an attempt to make the whole thing more enjoyable, we’ve put together our 2010 edition of the “Super Stupid Pool.”

Have fun.  Make up your own rules and add your own questions.  But consider assigning “points” for each correct answer.  We’ve included loosely recommended points for each question.

  • Will the National Anthem be over or under two minutes?  (3 points)
  • Which team will win the coin toss?  (2 points)
  • It’s reported that Kim Kardashian’s bust + hips measurement is 73 inches.  Will Reggie Bush gain more than 73 yards in the Super Bowl (including rushing and receiving, but not kick returns)?  (3 points)
  • Once the game has started, which type of commercial will we see first – erectile dysfunction, beer, soda, car, website, fast food, other?  (4 points)
  • From which brand will we see the first beer commercial (must be specific – “Budweiser” and “Bud Light” are different answers)?  (4 points)
  • After kickoff, which cheerleaders will get the first close-up?  (3 points)
  • Which QB will throw the first touchdown?  (2 points)
  • Will Dwight Freeney get a sack in the game?  (3 points)
  • Which player will score the first touchdown?  (6 points)
  • Will there be a fumble lost in the first quarter?  (3 points)
  • Will a streaker run onto the field at any point during the game?  (2 points)
  • Which team will be leading at halftime, or will it be tied?  (3 points)
  • The Who’s halftime set will include which songs, and in what order? (4 points)
  • Once the game has started and until the final whistle, how many separate times will CBS show Kim Kardashian?  (4 points)
  • Will there be an interception by either team in the third quarter?  (3 points)
  • Will Manning or Brees miss any plays due to injury?  (3 points)
  • Will the winning points be scored in the last minute of the game?  (4 points)
  • Which team will win?  (3 points)
  • How many total points will be scored?  (if correct, 10 points)

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