Zeppelin vs. The Rolling Stones

ZepStones2August 1, 2009 — Santa Monica, CA. It’s hard to beleive July died last night, but the reporters here at Thank God For the Internet will forge ahead and keep asking the tough questions.

This weekend’s poll is sure to cause a bar fight or two, but it’s a question that must be answered.   If Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones played a concert together, which band would be most deserving of the headlining slot?

Stand up for rock and roll and Democracy and cast your vote.


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One response to “Zeppelin vs. The Rolling Stones

  1. Don

    I think both bands are very good. I am only 16 so I never got to see Zep, but I saw the stones live in 2005. I think the rolling stones are the best rock and roll band around. TODAY. But when it’s all said and done and neither group is left standing I think the answer to who was the greater band will be clear. The mighty Led Zeppelin. Every member of that band is such a talent and together the brilliance of each individual musician fused to make something truly epic. Look at it this way.
    Singer- Robert Plant v.s Mick Jagger
    Jagger as cool as he is could never sing the way plant did, plant wins.
    Guitarists- Jimmy Page v.s Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Mick Taylor, and Ron Wood all put together and yet Page still comes out victorious.
    Bassist- John Paul Jones v.s Bill Wyman- tough call but Jones was much more a pivital influence in zep than Bill was in the stones, plus Jones was such a multi instrumental talent
    Drums- John Bonham v.s Charlie Watts. Come on, Charlie is good, but the only drummer I think could of ever challenged Bonham was Keith Moon.
    As far as the songs go both bands produced so many epic songs their is no point in debating cause it will go nowhere. I only wish Zeppelin would do a full reunion and continue the way the stones have done all these years.

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