Unsolved Mystery: The Missing Dollar

OnedollarMay 24, 2009 — Santa Monica, CA. The reporters here at Thank God for the Internet, along with federal officials, have been investigating an unsolved mystery for a few weeks.  We’re ready to tell you the details and our hope is that you can help solve this mystery so the missing dollar will be found.

  • Three tourists go to a hotel and want a room.
  • The man behind the desk tells them it’ll cost $25.
  • There’s quickly an issue, as $25 can’t be split evenly between the three tourists.
  • The tourists, not wanting to cause a problem, decide to pay $30 for the room instead.
  • Each of the them plunks down $10 and they head off to their room.
  • Later that afternoon, the General Manager of the hotel, while reviewing recent check-ins, realizes the tourists had been over-charged $5.
  • The general manager gives the Bell Hop $5 and orders him to take the money to the tourists.
  • When arriving at the room, not knowing how to split $5 between three people, the Bell Hop put $2 in his pocket and refunded each tourist $1.
  • Therefore, upon receiving a refund of $1 each, the three tourists paid a total of $27 for the room, the Bell Hop kept $2 for himself, which brings the cash total to $29.

Where’s the missing dollar?

If you have any tips that can help officials find the missing dollar, we urge you to contact your local authorities immediately.  The reporters here at Thank God For the Internet will keep following this mystery and provide updates when news breaks.

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