Oh, No, They Forgot the “O”

April 21, 2009 — Santa Monica, CA. In a shocking turn of events this past weekend, the worst team in baseball gave the reporters here at Thank God For the Internet another glimpse into why they’re struggling.  The Washington Nationals aren’t just having a hard time hitting and fielding, they can’t even spell their name.

But in a spin move you’d only expect in Washington, officials have offered an excuse for the apparent blunder.  “It’s the economy.  We had to cut back and lose a letter.  The ‘O’ had to go.”  The official continued by saying, “We know spelling counts, even for Major League Baseball teams worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  But desperate times call for desperate measures, and we hope our fans understand.  In order to survive, we had to lose a letter and raise ticket prices.”

The reporters here at Thank God For the Internet will continue to keep an eye on the Washington Natinals and provide updates when news breaks.

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