War: PETA vs. Carl’s Jr.

April 8, 2009 — Santa Monica, CA. PETA has crowned their “Sexiest Vegetarians Next Door 2009,” Amber and Monty. But not to be outdone, meat lovers immediately responded by saying, “Whatever! Grass eaters are out of their minds. Carnivores are way sexier, just take a look at the Carl’s Jr. babe.” PETA quickly responded with a simple challenge, “Bring it on meat heads. Let’s have America decide.”


The reporters here at Thank God For the Internet want to settle the dispute once and for all. Who’s sexier, vegetarians or carnivores? Above on the left you have PETA’s Amber, and on the right it’s Padma from Carl’s Jr. latest commercial. God bless democracy and may the sexiest eater win.


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